SG Morgan is an international, specialist investment banking group that provides a diverse range of financial products and services to a select client base.  Since inception, we have expanded through a combination of substantial organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Today, we have an efficient integrated international business platform, offering all our core activities in England, Germany and the Middle East.

SG Morgan offers investment banking and financial services to our Customers throughout Asia, England, Europe and the world. Our business aims to provide innovative financial products and thoughtful financial strategies to assist our Customers achieve their business and personal financial goals.

We have the best team of professionals in the world, our secret is in service is in personalized service for each project or investment!


    Equity Capital markets

    SG Morgan Securities is creative and innovative in structuring transactions and identifying viable sources of funding for corporate or private equity clients. We have experience raising capital to finance acquisitions, last mile capital, construction CAPEX equity, expansion capital and recapitalization.

    Our Business partners are global and include insurance companies, asset managers, large corporations, middle market companies, investment advisors, regional broker dealers, small and mid-sized banks, hedge funds, REITs and specialty investment firms.

    Debt Capital Markets

    SG Morgan provides viable sources of financing for corporate or private equity clients. We have extensive experience working with project financing and loan partners.

    We work closely with you to implement strategic financial plans – from leveraging and yield solutions to hedging and risk management. Our services include Market Analysis, Asset and Liability Management, and Balance Sheet Analysis to meet our clients overall investment requirements and objectives.


    SG Morgan provides an innovative and forward thinking approach to finance. Our finance services include:

    • Project finance – for long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project
    • Acquisition finance – for the purpose of buying another business
    • Structural finance – finance to assist with risk management and involving complex legal and corporate entities
    • Mezzanine debt, hybrid finance – for assistance with secondary funding based on the specific objectives of the transaction and the existing capital structure in place at the company

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Achieving a successful merger or acquisition is often a complex and daunting task.

    SG Morgan provides expertise in corporate strategy, corporate finance and management in dealing with buying, selling, dividing and combining a company. This will assist Customers with growth in an existing sector, a new field or new location.

    IPOs (Initial Public Offering)

    SG Morgan provides strategic advice and management in the implementation of a company’s IPO. Transforming from a private to a public company involves achieving key strategic and operational goals. SG Morgan assists with underwriting the IPO, correctly assessing the value of shares (share price), and establishing a public market for the shares.

    Debt Advisory Reverse

    SG Morgan understands that raising new debt on favourable terms, or renewing existing facilities, is tough, even for the strongest borrowers.

    SG Morgan’ Debt Advisory Reverse services assist with appraising a Customer’s present banking relationships, evaluate alternatives, clearly understand the true cost of capital, and apply an overall capital management strategy to the management of debt.

    Financial Planning

    SG Morgan Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. SG Morgan works with investor’s to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. SG Morgan assists with understanding a Customer’s current financial status, financial goals and the development of a strategy for financial decision making.

    In the competitive financial services market, performing is your top priority. Listening to you is ours. By appreciating your goals and applying our deep industry knowledge, we’re able to create specialist financial ideas and business banking support to help you achieve the performance you want.

    Managed Fund

    SG Morgan understands that not everyone has the time and resources to build a diverse investment portfolio and keep a close eye on it.

    SG Morgan Managed Funds assist Customers with investments across various securities with the goal to reduce risk or loss of return in downturn while maintaining consistent financial returns. This also allows you to pool your money with other investors so you can all invest in assets that might otherwise be out of your reach.


    Whether you’re an experienced professional investor or a novice investor finding your way in the market, SG Morgan Securities can help.

    As a full service stockbroker, we pride ourselves on offering smart, personalised investment advice that is tailored to your investment style.

    Our advisers are supported by an award-winning research team, as well as a leading corporate finance team that regularly provides our clients with exclusive investment opportunities.

    Stockbroking services

    As a client, you will receive:

    • Advice on individual share selection and portfolio construction tailored to meet your specific investment objectives
    • Recommendations supported by comprehensive internal and external research
    • Access to all shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) and the Bendigo Stock Exchange (BSX);
    • New investment opportunities in company IPOs and capital raisings
    • Access to our website, allowing you to monitor your investments, read award-winning research, and check share prices, announcements and more.

    Migrating your portfolio

    Portfolio migration is easy at SG Morgan. Make an appointment to see one of our advisers, bring a copy of your current portfolio (if Chess Sponsored) or a copy of your holding statements (if Issuer Sponsored) and we will do the rest.

    Migrating your portfolio will enable your adviser to more easily assist you in future administration and buying and selling of share.

    Institutional Banking

    SG Morgan helps companies evolve corporate strategies to identify and realize opportunities for growth. Whether evaluating a merger, acquisition, investment, or divestiture opportunity, we provide our clients with the perspective they need to make decisions in any business environment.

    We offer a unique, relationship focused approach to institutional banking for business. For large corporate clients, we provide financial solutions and structuring advice specific to a range of industry sectors. Our team is wholly focused on delivering the best client relationships: understanding and supporting clients over the long term, providing consistent execution and proactive relevant advice.

    We also offer specialist services to support clients requiring advice on complex, strategic financial issues covering capital structuring, financial strategy, risk management, transaction execution, debt advisory and credit ratings.

    Cashflow Lending

    SG Morgan can help you to grow, invest and expand by providing simple, streamlined cashflow funding.

    SG Morgan can assist with innovative ways to eliminate the issue of lack of cashflow holding you back from opportunities.

    Our services include:

    Line of credit – looking to buy into another business, buy out partners or bring in new staff? A line of credit can help you achieve your goals.

    Overdraft – make sure you always have cash available for day-to-day expenses throughout your natural or seasonal business cycles.

    Insurance premium finance – a simple way to roll all your insurance premiums into one cashflow-friendly loan.

    Manage Cash

    Our deposit accounts offer you convenience and flexibility. Whether you need daily access, or are seeking a good interest rate for surplus cash, SG Morgan managed cash products can assist..

    Investment accounts – if you have funds to invest, our at call and term deposits are a good option.

    Client trust accounts – if you manage money in trust on behalf of clients, we can assist with establishing manageable and easy to use trust accounts.

    Guarantees and Bonds

    SG Morgan offers innovative Guarantees and Bonds for transactions involving leases, property purchases and building contracts. You may have other business opportunities which you require you to provide a bond or guarantee.

    SG Morgan also takes the hassle out of applying for Guarantees and Bonds. By reducing paperwork and verification procedures, you can receive an approval in a quick timeframe. We also only charge a one off account fee for the service, so that you do not have to be concerned about ongoing account keeping fees.

    Mining & Resources

    If you’re working in resource exploration, your discoveries are your top priority. Listening to you is ours. By appreciating your goals and applying our deep industry knowledge, we’re able to manage your cash reserves effectively and guarantee your security.

    That’s why SG Morgan has developed tailor-made solutions for the resource sector. Whether your project is a small investigation or large-scale drilling and mining, we can provide the security you need to meet your environmental regulatory obligations, as well as smart transaction and cash management account options.

    Seize those opportunities faster. Our resource banking services give you more time to explore because you’ll spend less time managing paperwork.


    In the competitive accounting market, performing is your top priority. Listening to you is ours. By appreciating your goals and applying our deep industry knowledge, we’re able to create specialist solutions for your accounting business and for your clients. Helping you achieve the performance you want.

    We are experienced at listening to the needs of our clients and developing solutions specifically for accounting firms. We can provide tailored solutions for your growth, acquisition and succession plans, as well as offering solutions for your clients whether they are individuals, a Self Managed Super Fund or a small to medium business.

    Working with SG Morgan you can enjoy additional benefits such as regular business focus sessions, market-leading research, networking and professional development opportunities as well as access to SG Morgan’s networks and expertise


    As an engineer, you need to plan for every eventuality. Building your business is no different.

    At SG Morgan, our solutions can be tailored to help engineers forge a path to success.

    With more than 25 years of experience of working with small businesses across Australia, we know what it takes to build a business.

    SG Morgan Securities Global

    The SG Morgan flower is a symbol of resilience and success the world over.

    As our name suggests, SG Morgan Securities is a business built on sustained and resourceful financial services.

    SG Morgan Securities offers investment banking and financial services to our Customers throughout Australia and the world. Our business aims to provide innovative financial products and thoughtful financial strategies to assist our Customers achieve their business and personal financial goals.

    Developers in Energy & Infrastructure

    Our firm assists privately held companies and project developers with their financial advisory needs. We understand the personal and emotional investments that business owners have in their ventures, and that the decision whether or not to pursue a liquidity event is a critical moment for the business as well as a professional. Choosing right is essential. We work hard to become our clients most trusted advisor and accompany them through their decision making process ensuring a smooth and successful transaction building value the whole way.

    Technology and Service Companies

    We represent technology companies of all sizes, worldwide. We advise large companies on the divestiture of their non‐core operations and assist middlemarket companies with growth capital raising, merger and acquisition advisory, exclusive sell mandates and buy side advisory.

    Financial Investors

    We regularly identify investment opportunities and provide advisory services for financial investors. Our innovative solutions, industry concentrations and global relationships with key decision makers allow us to execute successful transactions and deliver positive results.

    Middle Market Focus

    With an exclusive focus on middle‐market transactions our seasoned professionals offer clients high quality investment banking experience and advice. Our clients enjoy the expertise of a large investment bank with the personalized service of a boutique firm. They are comforted knowing that their engagement is important to us and that the necessary resources will be dedicated on their behalf until a successful outcome is achieved. Our practice combines rich industry knowledge and long standing relationships with expert advisory services in the middle‐market.

    Customer Centric

    With experience over many market cycles and in various economic climates we help our clients maintain perspective and view current events within a historical context. That knowledge also allows us to anticipate potential problems and overcome obstacles to success. Our professional focus on the quality of client relationships rather than the quantity of transactions, always keeping our client’s best interest top of mind. By investing in long term relationships with our clients, we gain deep knowledge of their needs and can provide particularly effective solutions

    Service Standards

    Our transactional experience and industry knowledge and expertise allow us to add substantial value in achieving the strategic and financial goals of our clients. Our experienced professionals assist project developers and companies and financial sponsors in achieving their financial objectives through a complete range of services.

    SG Morgan Securities is a leading provider of advisory services in the power and infrastructure sector to both corporate and government clients. Advisory services include project financing, structured financing, mergers & acquisitions, capital restructuring, feasibility assessments, strategic options evaluation and other corporate, strategic and financial advice.

    Each project and client has unique financial needs and no single strategy is suitable for everyone. That is why we intend to understand the situation of each client and adapt solutions that really fit. As part of an independent company, our professionals remain objective and consider the entire universe of options available to choose the best possible solution for each client. With experience in all stages of the business and development cycles, our investment banking professionals provide comprehensive analysis to help companies understand and evaluate their best strategic alternatives for their business and project development.

    Our professionals are creative and innovative in structuring transactions and identifying viable sources of funding and financing for corporate or private equity clients. We are experienced in raising capital to finance acquisitions, last mile capital, construction investment capital, expansion capital, recapitalization, project financing and loan partners.